My Girlfriend Elizabeth

about a month ago, me and my girlfriend Elizabeth broke up. Then about month later she invited me over to her house. Even though we broke up i was still in love with her. So i thought, maybe ill get lucky and we'll get back together, but when i got there it was what i expected.

"Hello, Mark, come in and shut up!" i can tell by the tone of her voice that she had something planned for me tonight. " You are so pathetic, i bet you wanna get back together with me, huh?" she asked. "Yes i do Elizabeth." i begged. " Well what you do for me tonight will determine that." she answered. "I want you to strip naked and get on your knees. You are so pathetic, and youre no better than the dirt that is on my feet." she said. "Yes, i know this Eliz..." i started. " Shut up you pathetic worm. From now on you will refer to me as Mistress Liz. And tonight you are chosen to be my foot slave." she said. "Thank you Mistress Liz." i said.

"Wow i've been walking around all day and my feet are tired, sweaty, and very dirty. Get on your knees and lick my feet. Lick every spect of dirt of my soles and lick the sweat off my heels. There's a little toejam that you can eat too. That is your midnight snack." she demands. "Thank you Mistress, id love to lick the dirt and sweat off your feet. And i will enjoy eating your toejam." so in no time i was on my knees, licking the dirt off her gorgeous feet. And collect all of the sweat in my mouth and swallow it. It was the greatest tasting sweat.

"That is very good you pathetic worm, i need to pick up a surprise for you from a friends house, when im gone i want you to take my pair for filthy socks and lick them clean. If they are not clean when i get back you will be punished." she says " Yes Mistress, ill make sure they are clean." She slipped on a pair of leather boots and left. And i was there still licking the dirt off her socks. I had an erection so big that i couldnt control is no more. So i put one of her socks on it and i can feel the warm feeling that her feet were just inside of them. Then i had no choice, i exploded in it. I still had the other sock in my mouth. Then the door opened and my Mistress was back.

"Hello worm i am back, and i have your surprise in the bag. But first lets see how those socks are." she inspected them and saw my cum all over her socks. "What the fuck is this you little bitch, did i say that you can cum in my socks?" she asked. "No Mistress." "So why did u then?" "Because those socks got me so horny." "Bad dog, you will be punished!!!" And then i looked at her boots and i saw what i thought was mud on her boots. "First you pathetic slave, look at my boots, i stepped in dog shit when i was walking back." i stared at the boots. "Well dont just look at it slave, lick the dog shit from my boots, and make then shine. She demanded. "Yes Mistress." i proceeded on my knees and crawled to her boots. I began to lick the dog shit from her heels. there was alot more than i expected. "That must taste real good to a pathetic worm like you, huh?'' i nodded my head so that i wouldnt be in anymore trouble than i was already. i lick! every bit of dog shit off her boots, until the shined.

"Good boy, yes lick the dog shit off my heels!" she repeated. "But your punishment doesnt stop there. Grab those socks off the floor." she demanded. i crawled to them graded them and brought them bakc to my Mistress. "I want you to lick and swallow every ounce of cum of fmy socks." She demanded. "Yes Mistress." i obeyed. so there i was on my knees with my Mistress's feet resting on my back, and with her too dirty socks covered in my cum, in my mouth. I gaged when i first tasted it. she slapped me with her foot and said to keep on cleaning them. so i did, i licked every ounce of my own cum off of her smelly socks. "Good little dog, clean them all up."

I finished cleaning her socks and when all of the cum was swallowed and off her socks she told me i can have my surprise. "Even though youve been a bad dog i dont know why i should give you your surprise, but i am anywise." she said. "Thank you Mistress." then she went into her bag and she pulled out a 10 inch strap-on dildo. "Now i am going to fuck your tight ass until it hurts with my strap-on and you will like it. But first i want you to beg for it." she demanded. "Please Mistress Liz, i want you to fuck my tight ass, i want to be your bithc, please fuck my ass hard." i begged. So then she told me to shut up and she bent me over. In an instant i felt the 10 inch strap-on deep inside my ass. I started to moan with enjoyment. "Now you are my bitch now." she said. "Harder Mistress harder," i begged. Then she went as hard as she can fucking me with her strap-on. I enjoyed ever bit of it and so did she.

Then she said that i have to leave, and not to tell anyone about our night. But first she put a leash on me and she said, "From now on you are gonna be my foot slave, you will do as i say and you will take care of my feet and worship them as i see fit. And i say that we are back together but now you are my girlfriend and i will use my strap-on again." she said. i got dressed and before i left she handed me a pair of dirty, sweaty, smelly socks and told me to lick them every night. So i left still collared and dirty socks in my hands. It was the best night of my life.